Visa Requirements To Travel To Oman

Oman is an excellent place for your holidays

Have you heard of Oman? Oman is a small country in the middle of Asia, near the Persian Gulf. It’s very isolated but very lush and beautiful – and very busy too. Many holiday packages are available here, including a daily ferry service to Muscat, and many companies who do all kinds of things there.

What are the Visa Requirements To Travel To Oman? The most important thing to check is if your country is on the list of visa-exempt countries. The possibility of applying for e-visa depends on it. The climate of Oman is hot and humid, and this is where the desert diet originated.


Omani cuisine is extremely popular among the locals and tourists alike because of its flavorsome taste. Oman has more than 1 million camel herders, and all of them follow a different, traditional diet. Omani cuisine is based on the local camels’ feed.

Although these feeding practices are traditional, they still reflect the country’s ancient heritage. Every year, camel feedings are done at different times to honor the local camels’ freedom.

Try traditional Oman cuisine

The local dishes are very varied. A typical Omani meal is based on hummus, which is usually served with green beans and rice. The meat is also grilled in locally-made charcoal. Apart from these, salads, fried snacks, pastries, and even desserts can be found in local food shops. Omani cuisine is a mixture of Middle Eastern and Persian cooking, and it is easy to see why Oman is called “The Garden of the East.”

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Among the most popular food items are the octopus, which is a popular dish from Oman. There are various ways to prepare this delicious dish, but the most common method is to serve the octopus with a spicy, fresh salad. Other widely-known Omani dishes include a goat, and lamb, as well as vegetables.

Traditional Omani sweets include banana leaves, which are cooked by frying them in vegetable oil. The banana leaves are peeled off and dipped in honey or yogurt. Banana leaves are used to make lots of desserts, including ice cream, tiramisu, and even cakes.

Party sweets

In Oman, the red chili pepper is considered to be one of the most delicious and healthy spices. Red chili pepper can be added to a variety of dishes, including rice, but it can also be roasted and used to cook fish. For instance, Omani people love to eat the spicy black pepper on their seafood.

Another famous national dish is Jollibee, which is the essence of Omani cuisine. Jollibee is made by mixing the dry stewed lentils with rice. The soups, stews, and sauces in Oman are usually prepared in a big bowl. Some dishes are prepared by making individual servings.

The soups, stews, and sauces in Oman are usually prepared in a big bowl. Some dishes are prepared by making individual servings.

Oman is home to the legendary Bedouin tribes, and these people have long embraced the desert diet. The diet of Omani people is rich in protein and iron. It is said that most Omani women also follow a strict vegetarian diet to keep themselves free of any cancerous tumor.

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Visiting Oman is much simpler than you think

Visiting the beautiful country of Oman is definitely way easier than you could ever imagine. The territory of Oman is open for many visa-exempt nationalities. These countries are allowed to submit an online application via a website, and therefore obtain e-visa without the necessity of leaving the house.

E-visa is an electronic document which permits its holder to enter Oman legally and stay in the country for a specific period. There is one condition you need to fulfill.

Online Application Form Document Recruitment Concept

To obtain e-visa, the purpose of your visit has to be for holidays or business-related events. If you want to have pleasant holidays in Oman or attend a business conference, e-visa is perfect for you.

After sending filled out an application form with necessary additional documents, you will receive a confirmation email. Your visa should appear in your mailbox after three days. What exactly do you need to attach? A copy of the bio page from your passport and your formal